AW VolumeShare 7

Improved department productivity. Increased diagnostic confidence. Reduced operating costs. And that’s just the beginning…

Today’s diagnostic imaging technology provides an amazing breadth of information in a wide variety of ways. However, analyzing it, compiling what’s relevant, and reporting your findings can put a serious crimp in your workflow, causing your operating costs to soar, and possibly even affecting your diagnostic confidence. VolumeShare 7 offers an elegant solution to your workflow challenges.

AW VolumeShare 7 is a multi-modality image review, comparison, and processing workstation with simplicity and power at its core. This workstation features 64-bit technology that allows processing of up to 5K images in a single dataset.  With significant improvements in workflow processes and clinical features that will increase your productivity, AW VolumeShare 7 can elevate your practice to a whole new level.


  • The Postfetch tool retrieves historical exams for comparison.
  • Preference Sharing enables exchange of settings and protocols among users.
  • The Key Images feature allows you to flag images and create key objects.
  • Tracks how often applications licenses are used and by whom.
  • Supports remote updates and software downloads.


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