SenoBright HD

Illuminating breast cancer detection.

SenoBright™ HD, Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM) can be used as an alternative to Breast MRI to enhance the Breast care pathway.

With high specificity and sensitivity you can reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies and surgeries1

Next Generation SenoBright HD CESM is now available with Senographe Pristina.

  • Increase your diagnostic mammogram confidence

    By highlighting unusual blood flow during the breast exam you have more information to help you get the answers you need for breast cancer diagnosis.


    High specificity
    SenoBright HD provides high specificity to reduce false-positives and help prevent unnecessary exams1.


    High sensitivity
    SenoBright HD provides high specificity to reduce false-positives and help prevent unnecessary exams1.


    Clear image quality
    SenoBright HD delivers clear image quality to enhance diagnostic confidence.
    SenoBright HD significantly reduces acquisition time by up to 40% in large breasts, reducing motion artifacts on images, compared to the first generation of Contrast-enhanced Mammography6.
    The new Senographe Pristina grid and enhanced algorithm also limit scattered radiation and minimize artifacts.
    SenoBright HD delivers improved image quality and visualization of abnormalities.

  • Transform your patients' experience

    Reduce patient anxiety by providing a breast cancer diagnosis in one appointment, one setting, in less than 7 minutes.5

    • Reduce patient anxiety by providing a diagnosis in one appointment, one setting

    • When a woman receives an inconclusive mammogram result, every minute waiting for definitive answers seems like an eternity.
    • By performing a SenoBright HD exam at the same time as a mammogram, in the same room, with the same equipment, you can help eliminate waiting times, lengthy exams and contraindications to breast MRI – sparing your patients additional emotional, physical and financial burdens.
    • Providing peace of mind.

     Two out of three patients1 prefer the SenoBright HD experience to a breast MRI, with:

    • faster procedure time
    • greater comfort
    • lower noise level
    • lower rates of anxiety3
  • Reduce your diagnostic cost

    SenoBright HD is a cost effective alternative to Breast MRI, reducing equipment costs by 53% and freeing up MRI time for other procedures4.

    • Benefit from an affordable complementary exam that reduces unnecessary exams and frees up time on your other imaging systems

    • SenoBright HD is a less expensive alternative diagnostic method.
    • Its high specificity helps you reduce unnecessary biopsies and surgeries, while freeing up MRI time for other exams.

    Augment clinical capabilities

    • Facilities without an MRI don't need to invest in expensive technology or refer patients outside your health system.
    • SenoBright HD is a cost-effective alternative to help you reach a confident diagnosis.

    Alleviate strains on budget

    • Providers with MRI systems can reduce staffing costs and free up valuable MRI time for other procedures.
    • Research indicates a 53% reduction in equipment costs in addition to 59% reduced staffing costs compared to breast MRI4.

Exceptionally clear visualization

Localize known or suspicious lesions with iodine contrast.

The SenoBright HD contrast agent highlights areas of unusual blood flow. SenoBright uses multiple x-ray exposures to reduce background signal, effectively highlighting contrast enhanced areas.

Two images per view are provided. A low energy image uses standard mammographic techniques and represents tissue density. The recombined image is a contrast- enhanced image in exactly the same position.

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