MUSE v9 Cardiology Information System

Helps improve the overall cardiovascular care process — for cardiologists, IT administrators, and patients.

Clinically Minded, Technically Sound

MUSE™ v9 takes cardiology information systems to the next level with expanded connectivity tools, smarter workflows, enhanced data security, and privacy capabilities. The new functionality and upgrades to the MUSE system are designed to improve the overall cardiovascular care process - for cardiologists, IT administrators, and patients.

MUSE v9 offers the best of both worlds through many clinical and IT benefits…

  • Helps speed the decision process with measurements and analysis tools to support cardiac care
  • Bridges the communication gap between vendors, modalities, clinics, hospitals, care areas and your enterprise
  • Keeps your data secure while supporting easy access
  • Maximizes the clinical benefits MUSE provides and utilizes your existing devices
  • Integrates with active directory, HIS, EMR, and Logging / Audit systems to centralize user authentication and login as well as enhance your auditing capabilities
  • Enables DICOM connectivity to acquire, communicate and store across platforms including Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)
  • Provides workflow flexibility for data acquisition, barcoding at the device for ADT and orders download, helping to reduce errors


Our team stands with your team every step of the way, to help ensure your facility gets the most from your MUSE system’s capabilities.

Our dedicated team of IT project managers, HL7 engineers, Database Conversion Specialists, Field Engineers, Clinical Education Specialists, and Diagnostic Workflow Consultants are the reason GE Healthcare has been consistently ranked in the top two by MD Buyline for quality service and technical support.

Our extensive technical support offerings include:

  • Project management focused on ensuring a smooth “go-live” experience. A dedicated manager oversees each installation, giving you a single point of contact throughout the engagement. 
  • HL7 integration designed to optimize MUSE integration with your existing systems
  • Clinical applications for remote, on-line and on-site customer training
  • Database conversion services to help manage legacy data
  • Assure Point support agreements to support your investment with updates and upgrades as well as training, configuration and workflow needs.
  • Remote 24/7 technical support with InSite™ ExC for system trouble shooting in minutes instead of hours
  • On-site support through a dedicated team of more than 150 highly trained field engineers
  • A variety of IT and clinical training programs offered remotely and on-site

You can gain the confidence of one of the largest, most experienced service organizations in the industry, working with you to ensure you get the most from your technology investment.