Centricity Universal Viewer 100 edition

Centricity™ Universal Viewer 100 edition is designed for facilities with limited IT resources. It’s a turn-key web-based PACS for radiologists and clinicians to view, store and distribute images to help increase access and help enhance productivity.

The 100 edition is a turnkey web-based PACS designed to view, store and distribute images for providers who perform up to 100,000 exams a year. The same clinically rich tools and diagnostic functionality used by large hospitals is now compact, robust and affordable.

The 100 edition introduces the next- generation viewing experience, offering flexibility and versatility with a wide range of primary diagnostic image review and analysis tools that are part of the core product including: CR-Computed Radiography; CT-Computed Tomography (view 3D MIP/MPR); MR- Magnetic Resonance (view 3D MIP/MPR); DX-Digital X-ray; XA-X-ray Angiography; RF - Radio Fluoroscopy, PET/CT, US-Ultrasound (view 3D MIP/MPR) and PET-Positron emission tomography (view 3D MIP/MPR). Other DICOM image objects that can be displayed in Universal Viewer include DICOM SR (plain text); DICOM GSPS (presentation state) and DICOM KIN (key images notes).

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