ICU Ventilation User Resources

Be prepared to respond to increases in the number of patients needing ventilation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find all the details you need to quickly set up and operate the CARESCAPE™ R860 Ventilator, so you can focus on delivering compassionate patient care.

Contact Technical & Service Support – GE 1-800-668-0732 and for Clinical Support Center, call: 1-800-558-7044 #3


    Learn how to quickly set up your CARESCAPE R860 ventilator when you download the quick reference guide and follow instructions to:

    • perform patient set-up
    • run a system check
    • start patient ventilation
    • and more…

    Download Quick Reference Guide.

    Watch tutorial videos on how to operate the CARESCAPE R860 ventilator here.

    Access the complete CARESCAPE R860 User Reference Manual here.

    Download the Ventilator Training Alliance App to watch these videos on your smart device.

    Want more training? Download these instructions to gain FREE access to our library of CARESCAPE R860 training modules.

    CARESCAPE R860 Ventilator – New User Instructions

    CARESCAPE R860 Ventilator – Returning User Instructions

    Use this Participant Guide when following the online training modules.

    Download the presentation “Invasive Modes of Ventilation” to learn what respiratory controls are available on the CARESCAPE R860 ventilator.


    Help your patients reduce their length of stay by assessing their ability to wean off mechanical ventilation.1,2 Confidently perform a spontaneous breathing trial (SBT) on the CARESCAPE R860 ventilator using the programmable SBT mode. Quickly customize settings for each case, so you can determine their ability to breathe on their own.

    Set up your CARESCAPE R860 ventilator for patient weaning when you Download the quick reference guide on SBT Mode and Weaning Tools.

    Stay informed by downloading the American Thoracic Society weaning guidelines here.

    Watch the video "Weaning from mechanical ventilation in the ICU" to learn about using the SBT mode on the CARESCAPE R860 ventilator.

    Learn the basics on how to conduct spontaneous breathing trials on the CARESCAPE R860 Ventilator. Download the "Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation using SBT" presentation.

    1. Hess DR, Kacmarek RM. Ventilator Liberation. In: Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation. Fourth Edition. McGraw-Hill Education; 2019:167-175.
    2. Haas CF, Loik PS. Ventilator Discontinuation Protocols. Respiratory Care. 2012;57(10):1649.
  • Educational Webinars

    Educational Webinars

    Listen to experts discuss a variety of urgent topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The insights and best practices that these experts share are intended to help you manage patients suffering from the coronavirus and include observations from clinical cases. Return here for future recorded webinars that you can watch at your convenience - anytime, anywhere.

    WEBINAR: COVID-19 Global Disease Dynamics and Hands-on Treatment Best Practices
    Presented by Professor Luciano Gattinoni
    Learn about differences between ARDS and COVID-19 patients with recommendations and criteria for ventilation. A live Q&A session is included.


    Protect yourself and your patients by using procedures and practices that help prevent the spread of infectious agents. Add to your arsenal of best practices for containing cross-contamination when you read these CARESCAPE R860 ventilator resources.

    Single patient use flow sensor technology from GE Healthcare

    GE Healthcare Anesthesia-Respiratory Cleaning Guidance

    For more recommended cleaning procedures visit

    Download GE Healthcare Clinical Accessories guide to help support infection prevention and control.

    See availableWater Traps for Gas Monitoring Modules that are compatible with your CARESCAPE R860 ventilator.

  • COVID-19: Important information for clinicians considering use of anesthesia machines for patient ventilation

    This is in accordance with the U.S. FDA guidance published March 2020, stating they do not object to the use of anesthesia machines for patients requiring ventilation.

    IMPORTANT: This document contains off-label information. This information is only being provided for consideration during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regulatory authorities (e.g. U.S. FDA, Health Canada, TGA, EU Competent Authorities) have not cleared or approved these anesthesia devices as safe and effective for use as ICU ventilators. The use of these devices as ICU ventilators has not been verified or validated. Use of the devices in this manner is at the sole discretion and responsibility of the clinician or device owner and is done at his/her own (liability) risk.

    Call us at 1-800-558-7044 for more information.


    Complimentary access is available for CARESCAPE R860 and Engstrom™ ventilator technical reference manuals and PC service applications during the COVID-19 crisis. GE Healthcare will make performance support videos accessible during this COVID-19 emergency at no cost.

    IMPORTANT: These service tools and documentation were previously issued only in conjunction with our 4-day, in-person ventilator training. During the COVID-19 crisis, the training requirement is waived to help avoid any potential delay in ventilator operation. Procedures described in these resources should only be performed by trained service professionals who have knowledge and experience with ventilators and who have read and comply with the instructions therein.

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