INTERACT Active Tracker

While in 35% of cases4, automatic fusion of 3D volumes from Ultrasound and Cone Beam CT would be impaired4, GE provides you with a powerful solution to enable Ultrasound automatic fusion with multiple modalities for effective needle procedures in the Interventional Suite.

INTERACT Active Tracker* enables easy and automatic fusion between ultrasound and multiple modalities’ pre-operative images right within the interventional suite.
INTERACT Active Tracker broadens opportunities in percutaneous procedures.

Unlocking the potential of multiple modalities in a single point of care, INTERACT Active Tracker enables you to leverage Ultrasound to access the benefit of 3D modalities in your GE Angio suite.

Treat with confidence
Use Ultrasound & Cone Beam CT fusion to enhance visualization of lesions as well as their surrounding anatomies.
• Simplified automatic registration of pre-operative images on live Ultrasound.
• With electromagnetic tracking, perform automatic image registration even when the tracker is located peripherally.1

Leverage radiation-free modality
Thanks to the simplified registration process it allows, INTERACT Active Tracker helps to promote the transfer of percutaneous procedures in the interventional suite.

Unlock the potential of multiple modalities in a single point of care
INTERACT Active Tracker is used as a bridge to automatically fuse pre-operative images with live Ultrasound1 and thus helps to unlock the potential of multiple modalities in a single point of care. It helps leverage Ultrasound to access the benefits of 3D modalities in the interventional suite.
• Leverage the interventional suite and the complementary applications it offers for complex cases (including Needle ASSIST & multi-needle procedures).
• Teams, equipment,2 and patients can remain in the interventional room.
• Enhance patient experience combining the whole procedure in a single session.

Free-up CT scan time3
Reserve CT scan room for diagnostic and Angio suite for intervention.

Bringing Ultrasound in the angio suite allows to overcome the main limitations associated with CT-guidance in percutaneous procedures while offering incremental benefit of live multi-modality fusion guidance.

Fast facts

  • In 35% of cases, automatic fusion of 3D volumes from Ultrasound and Cone Beam CT would be impaired4
  • INTERACT Active Tracker facilitates access to ultrasound fusion3 for needle based procedures and leverages radiation-free modality

“The great interest of INTERACT Active Tracker is that it provides automatic fusion between Cone Beam CT & Ultrasound which saves time and which is most probably more accurate than what we do manually.”

Pr. François Cornelis, MD, PhD,5
Head of Interventional Oncology department,
Tenon Hospital, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France

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*INTERACT Active Tracker may not be available in all markets. INTERACT Active Tracker is an optional feature of 3DXR (part of GE vascular systems Innova IGS 5, Innova IGS 6 and Discovery IGS 7 or Discovery IGS 7OR). This feature supports only one ‘Active Tracker’ type: OmniTRAX™ Active Patient Tracker (sold separately). 3DXR may not be available in all markets. Refer to your sales representative.

1. The OmniTRAX™ Active Patient Tracker contains 4 metal beads that are visible either directly in the Cone Beam CT volume or visible in some projections of the Cone Beam CT acquisition.
2. Requires a LOGIQ E9 XDclear 2.0 or LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0 or LOGIQ E10 (where available ) (sold separately) into the GE angio suite.
3. May vary depending on the institution, the patient characteristics, and the experience of the operator.
4. Based on quantitative assessment of 65 patients.
5. The Statements described here are Pr. François Cornelis professional opinions.