Astonish. Change the cardiac imaging paradigm.

ViosWorks, extends cardiac MR assessment beyond the anatomy by providing a comprehensive cardiovascular solution in a fraction of the time of conventional cardiac scans. Providing 3D cardiac anatomy, function, and flow in 1-free breathing, 8 minute scan with cloud-based, real-time processing of images with resolutions previously unattainable.



Designed for unsupervised cardiac imaging. Simplified for the patient, technologist, and clinician

Conventional Cardiac MR

  • 60-90 min exam
  • 20-50+ breath-holds
  • Many imaging slices and sequences
  • Dedicated, expert cardiac technologist and Clinician needed to perform exam and post-processing


  • 10-20 min cardiac exam
  • Free breathing
  • 1, 3D volume placed over chest
  • Eliminates need for dedicated, expert cardiac
    technologists and Clinicians to perform the
    exam or post-processing


Cloud-based visualization and reporting accessed from any web enabled browser

ViosWorks generates 7 dimensions of data (3 in space, 1 in time, 3 in velocity direction), which demands a new platform to visualize and process the data.

GPU Cloud post processing to address HIPAA requirements and provide deep learning.

ViosWorks, powered by Arterys™, provides a real time visualization platform that delivers quantitative data and structured reporting.