Volume Helical Shuttle

Extend coverage while avoiding cone-beam artifacts.

Volume Studies Improved

Volume Helical Shuttle is a continuous bi-directional scan mode that extends z-coverage while providing reliable temporal sampling. GE’s exceptional dynamic pitch reconstruction uses scan data acquired during table acceleration and deceleration, allowing you to perform up to 500-slice (312.5-mm) dynamic studies. This tool is used to perform 4D-CTA dynamic studies, or to study moving joint structures, opening new applications in orthopedic imaging. In addition, Volume Helical Shuttle lets you perform perfusion studies of body organs up to 120 mm.


Extending Coverage for Expansive Studies

Volume Helical Shuttle allows you to:

  • Characterize arterial and venous inflow and outflow
  • Measure volume coverage over a length of 312.5mm
  • Perform perfusion studies for the brain and body organs
  • Improve temporal sampling
  • Use acquired scan data during table acceleration and deceleration


Volume Helical Shuttle features include: 

  • Continuous bi-directional scan mode
  • Extended z-coverage 
  • Dynamic Pitch reconstruction method


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