When caring for critically-ill patients, speed is of the essence. The B20 patient monitor makes it easy to acquire accurate patient data to support timely decision-making. The system is designed to enhance the ease and reliability of monitoring with: 

  • A crystal-clear monitor that lets you see the patient’s status at a glance, displaying up to six waveforms simultaneously - B20 has a 10.4 in (26.4 cm) display      

  • One-button access to commonly-used functions to increase efficiency 

  • Intuitive menus that reduce set-up time and can make even novice users feel like experts 

  • 72-hour trend display with graphical and numerical data to review patient progress 

  • Advanced alarm system with preset limits to alert caregivers to critical situations 

With its streamlined design, the portable B20 patient monitor fits easily into crowded spaces in the Emergency Department (ED), Wards and General Care unit, and is easily moved to different care areas as needed.

The B20 patient monitor has been verified to work in CARESCAPE* Network and S/5 Network environments. The system has multiple mounting options and range of accessories so you can configure the workspace to meet your needs. 

In addition, modular design of the CO2 function enables shared-use applications, so you can optimize your investment.