Optima XR240amx powered by Helix


Optima XR240amx - Elevating the way you work with quick workflow solutions

  • RFID Badge Access

    Easy swipe RFID badge log-in and log-off capability
  • QuickShare

    Hassle free sharing and paring of multiple wireless detectors
  • QuickEnhance

    1-touch custom image reprocessing for line placement and more
  • QuickConnect

    Adaptive wireless connectivity
  • Secondary Monitor

    Flexible positioning and viewing in critical care areas
  • QuickCharge

    Dual detector in-bin charging
  • AutoGrid

    Equivalent image contrast to a physical grid
  • HIS RIS Link

    On the go exam close out

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1. 510(k) pending at FDA. Not available for sale in the United States
2. Source: GE Healthcare whitepaper: High resolution for improved visualization. November 2017 Baker et al., 2013 ; Rosso et al., 2002; Kumar et al., 2003 ; Roll et al., 2012