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Busy Radiology Practice Improves Patient Experience and Reduces Scan Times by 30 percent

Shields Health Care Group in Framingham, Massachusetts wanted to provide exceptional patient experience, obtain high-quality images, and reduce patient anxiety over time spent on the scanner. To achieve these goals, Shields is using AIR™ Recon DL,[1] the magnetic resonance (MR) industry's first FDA-cleared deep learning-based image reconstruction technology for all anatomies, with positive results.

“This technology improves image quality while reducing scan times, which directly impacts patient comfort,” said Peter Ferrari, President of Shields Health Care Group. "When you can improve the delivery of care and enhance the clinical efficiency of your techs and radiologists, it's a win-win."

AIR™ Recon DL and its ready-to-go protocols have added new efficiencies: improved resolution, shorter scan duration, and better SNR, powered by deep-learning reconstruction software that uses raw data to remove noise and ringing artifacts for crystal-clear, high-resolution images in a fraction of the time.

“It was surprising how easy it was to get great looking pictures, and how fast we were able to go,” said Tiron C.M. Pechet, MD, assistant medical director of Shields Health Care Group. “In under a minute, we're getting noise-free images with superb edge definition and no ringing artifacts."

“I never thought I could get any image to look that good in under a minute,” Nicole Teczar, chief radiology technologist at Shields added. “And with higher resolution. That was amazing." 

At this rate, Dr. Pechet estimates he will be able to cut exam times by a third. "We're down to seven and a half minutes for the lower spine," he said. "If we can accelerate that just a little, we'll average around 300 seconds for all lumbar exams."

Shorter exam times and fewer repeat scans are also appreciated by patients. "My patients have noticed that the protocols are shorter and thank me for making them easier for them," said Teczar.



[1] AIR™ Recon DL is not available in all regions and is not yet CE marked for 1.5T