Patient comfort in practice

From reducing noise levels to lowering the table height and offering free-breathing applications, we carefully thought through the entire patient experience to find opportunities for improvement.

Combining advancements in design, technology and applications, SIGNA™ Explorer sets a new standard for patient comfort.

SilentScan reduces noise to near ambient levels (< 3dB*)
Low height table
Low table height gives patients easy access
Flex Coil Array
16-channel Flex Coil Suite accommodates a wide range of body types


Built around our modern design magnet

Through the combination of our modern design magnet and high-performance reconstruction speeds, SIGNA™ Explorer makes it easy to produce uniform, high-quality images.

❙ High-performance reconstruction allows for everyday use of HyperSense
❙ In-line processing automates advanced post-processing techniques

Modern design magnet
Includes the same modern design magnet that’s in our wide bore systems
50 x 50 x 50 cm FOV for off-center oncology and fat saturation challenges
Optical RF technology
Optical RF technology provides a high signal-to-noise ratio for improved image quality


Enhance your financial performance with operational efficiency

SIGNA™ Explorer has energy-saving, Ecomagination-certified technology and a space-saving footprint. We also provide customizable service and training programs with the ability to upgrade your system through our SIGNA™ Lift program, when the time is right. All of which helps to improve your operational efficiency.

Outperform with 1.5T

SIGNA™ Explorer is built to leverage the full potential of our modern design magnet. To do this, we optimized all the surrounding technology. The result is an MR system with an improved patient experience, exceptional imaging performance and access to a wide range of innovative applications.

It’s an investment packed with operational efficiencies to ensure you outperform in every aspect of your practice.

Increases throughput by 30 percent to free up time for more referrals*
Ecomagination-certified technology provides up to 34 percent energy savings**
Designed to use over 20 percent less space with a small 27 m2 footprint for easy siting and installation‡


*Under normal operating conditions, when compared to previous generations of MR systems
**When compared to previous generations of MR systems
‡Compared to the average siting space required of other 1.5T MR systems

  • SIGNA™ Explorer Lift

    Same Magnet. Next Generation MR Capabilities.
    If you currently own a GE SIGNA™ LX, Excite, HDe, HDi, HDx, HDxt or Vibrant scanner, you may be eligible to upgrade to the SIGNA™ Explorer through the SIGNA™ Explorer Lift program.

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