Fat, water, in-phase, out-of-phase images in one scan, for effective fat-free imaging.

VIBRANT Flex is a 3D FSPGR dynamic T1 applications that uses a time-efficient dual-echo acquisition with 2D ARC parallel imaging to produce water-only, fat-only, in-phase, and out-of-phase images of the breast in a single scan. This technique enables fat-free imaging for clear depiction of the underlying breast anatomy.

  • Consistently homogeneous fat subtraction over both breasts in the axial and sagittal scan planes
  • Fat, water, in-phase, out-of-phase images in one scan
  • Nice, clear signal deep into axillae and chest wall as water image combines signal from both echoes
  • High resolution isotropic voxels for easy reformatting
  • Improved work-flow: does not rely on prescan tuning or shimming
  • Reduced cardiac motion contamination from partially motion compensated dual echo acquisition

“VIBRANT Flex provides us better consistency, sensitivity, and improves our diagnostic confidence.”
Elisabeth Morris, MD @ MSKCC


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