Senographe Essential

Increase mammography efficiency with high-quality images and an upgradeable platform

Senographe Essential™ digital mammography system is an upgradeable platform designed to deliver clinical confidence and give you what you need to deliver high-quality care. Senographe Essential lets you perform a wide variety of breast procedures from in-office or mobile screening to advanced diagnostic procedures.

The new Senographe Pristina™ was inspired by this very successful system.

  • Providing expanded performance

    A reliable platform, upgradeable for advanced applications, offering remarkable flexibility and including expert services with the support you need for expanded performance.
  • Delivering clinical confidence

    Confidently help detect and characterize mammo-graphic findings. Every component, from tube, to detector to post-processing contributes to outstanding image quality.
  • Defining patient experience

    A careful attention to a woman’s health. From low-dose imaging to an innovative, interactive approach to mammography, Senographe Essential redefines patient experience.


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