For lung nodule analysis - automatic visualization, measurement, reporting and follow-up.

CT Scanning often is utilized as the exam of choice for intricate CT exams to visualize and analyze complex lung pathology. The detection of pulmonary nodules and assessment of their evolution with CT are of major importance in chest imaging.

Lung VCAR provides automatic segmentation of all nodule types and calculates each nodule's volume and diameter measurements. Auto-Registration synchronizes and displays longitudinal exams with doubling time and percent growth. The innovative Digital Contrast Agent enhances visualization of solid lung nodules to help confirm the presence of suspicious lesions.


  • Synchronized 2D, DCA and segmentation analysis.
  • Automatic nodule visualization.
  • Automatic nodule analysis (volume, doubling time, % growth).
  • Automatic follow-up
  • Customizable and interactive report
advanced visualization lung vcar.



  • Ability to synchronize multiple images for nodule comparison.
  • Ability to review single or multiple exams and compare axial, sagittal, oblique, coronal, and volume-rendered images.
  • Automatically propagates previous exam bookmarks to current exam.
  • Automatically segments both right and left lung to reduce visual distraction.
  • Digital Contrast Agent (DCA) automatically highlights spherical shapes to enhance visualization of suspicious nodules.


  • Performs automatic segmentation of all nodule types.
  • Provides automatic nodule analysis, including % growth, doubling time.
  • Automatic Nodule Contour to verify pixels within the volume.


  • Features a customizable, interactive patient reporting tool.

System Requirements

Lung VCAR application is available on the AW Workstation and AW Server platforms. 

Intended Use

Lung VCAR/ AdvantageALA is an image analysis software package for AW systems, which allows the user to study suspicious lesions within the lungs using CT helical-  and axial-acquired images.

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