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  • Products for discovery

    Take advantage of key partnerships that support the development of new tracers and therapies along with powerful tools to streamline their production.
    • Cyclotrons
    • PET Radiochemistry systems
    • Tracer production facility solutions
    Featured product
    PETtrace 800 Series
    With the PETtrace™ 800 Series of cyclotrons, you can deliver FDG to a large number of clients or supply a research program with a wide range of tracers. It offers the efficiency required to facilitate clinical schedules, flexibility for research protocols, and the performance necessary to meet regional distribution demands.
  • Products for diagnosis

    Experience breakthrough imaging technology that inspires confidence while at the same time driving personalized care with the right answer at the right time.
    • Nuclear Medicine
    • PET/CT
    • PET/MR
    Featured product
    Discovery MI Gen 2
    Discovery™ MI was created to both accelerate your research and enhance your clinical work. With a scalable FOV, deep-learning based CT image reconstruction, and a more efficient technologist experience, Discovery MI Gen 2 is the evolution of this incredible platform.
  • Products for treatment

    See how advanced monitoring solutions can help evaluate a chosen treatment path to elevate care team collaboration with new insight into treatment progression.
    • Nuclear Medicine
    • Advanced applications
    • AI-powered applications
    Featured product
    NM/CT 870 CZT
    NM/CT 870 CZT is designed to help bring your theories to life with the power of CZT technology. With an all-digital workflow, new CT features, and the ability to image medium energy isotopes, NM/CT 870 CZT will transform your entire nuclear medicine experience.
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  • Q.Clear and MotionFree

    Since its introduction, Q.Clear has delivered fast and efficient quantitation readings for confident diagnosis and precise treatment response assessment. Now, you can combine it with MotionFree to ensure every patient gets the benefit of reduced motion during their exams without the need for an external gating device.

PET/CT Products

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Nuclear Medicine

  • Quantitation

    Quantitation helps to not only find disease, but to follow its response to treatment over time. With improvements to detector performance, CT-based attenuation and scatter correction, along with Evolution image reconstruction, our nuclear medicine systems are built for consistent, reproducible quantitation.

Nuclear Medicine Products

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PET Radiopharmacy

Over 400 cyclotrons installed worldwide

  • July 13, 2018 marked the installation of our 400th cyclotron installation. The PETtrace 880 was installed as part of a complete PET Radiopharmacy suite at the Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences.

    Read the full story here

    “Looking ahead, GE’s cyclotron and PET Radiopharmacy solution will empower us to make radiopharmaceutical products in a consistent and reliable manner, which will enhance our endeavors in cancer diagnosis, treatment and nuclear medical research.”

    Lim Sang-moo, Head of Nuclear Medicine at KIRAMS

PET Radiopharmacy Products

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MI Digital Solutions

  • Go virtual

    Our MI Digital Solutions bring everything together in one virtual environment. That means all of your molecular imaging data is secure, up to date, and available wherever you are.
  • AI-powered clinical applications

    The more precise healthcare gets, the more complex it becomes. AI-powered clinical applications help make it possible to provide personalized imaging solutions that are both accurate and efficient.
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Smart Subscription

  • MI systems that keep getting better
  • Common capabilities at all your sites
  • Facilitate staff training and operations