GE HealthCare Value Partnerships in Canada

Facing healthcare challenges in an uncertain world requires partnerships that are responsive, flexible, and resilient. That’s why GE HealthCare is at work, helping you harness the power of digital, applied intelligence and medical technology innovations through ongoing acquisition, replacement and maintenance programs across your health system.

Our partnership starts with a shared commitment to deliver the highest quality care

Understanding Canadian healthcare needs, we harness the power of digital, applied intelligence and medical technology innovations, transforming how care is delivered. Our dedicated approach includes 4 interlocking, measurable metrics to ensure timely, accessible, and cost-effective solutions.

Care Quality Focus

To deliver improved patient outcomes.

Collaborative Mindset

To unlock the value of our shared expertise.

Technology Innovation

To develop the technology that drives transformation.

Operational Excellence

To ensure successful implementation and operational workflows
Why partnerships in healthcare

Healthcare requires new ways of thinking and doing

At GE HealthCare, we understand our healthcare environment. Whether you face rising costs, variation in care quality, or technology life cycle issues, our team is ready to partner with you in pursuit of simpler, connected, and more precise healthcare.

The insight, expertise, and capacity to address evolving challenges

To stay on top of increasing pressures and prepare for unforeseen circumstances, we create customized solutions that are flexible over the long term, adaptable to change, and resilient in uncertainty.
Our solutions drive efficiency by integrating expertise from four specialized service areas: Technology Planning, Digital Solutions, Infrastructure Development and Biomed Services.
Efficient Solutions

Specialized and Custom Service Areas

Technology Planning

Integrative planning, so you have the right technology mix to ensure budgetary predictability.

Digital Solutions

Customize and create an integrated health system that provides real-time and predictive information.

Infrastructure Development

Plan, develop, deliver, and sustain your healthcare project, leveraging a dedicated team of experts.

Biomed Services

Manage your asset use and performance with flexible HTM programs powered by data & analytics.
Customize your solutions

Transforming Canadian healthcare by working together

Your healthcare system requirements are unique to your organization. We’ll tailor an approach to integrate essential services with effective technologies, ensuring you have right solution to move forward.

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Together we have all we need to transform health.

Partnership starts with a shared commitment to deliver better care quality, working together for the long term, co-creating what’s right for you, and being flexible to change when the circumstances dictate.

1. Managed Equipment Services (MES)
GE HealthCare Managed Equipment Services (MES) is a comprehensive partnership solution including multi-vendor service and technology, customized to meet your healthcare facility needs, and focused on efficiency, optimization, and quality outcomes.

Our MES solutions help healthcare teams efficiently manage day-to-day operations while looking ahead to plan for the future. As a trusted partner we add perspective, expertise, and resources to help improve patient experience and outcomes, and productivity, all while creating financial predictability and reducing costs.

GE HealthCare in Canada works with you to structure an MES that provides felixibility to meet your changing healthcare needs. We share the operational and financial risks and help reach desired metrics together. Through a relational governance structure, we create solutions that are sustainable, pivoting with the current environment and solving problems over the long term.

Together, we co-create solutions to help you to transform, enhance, and manage your integrated healthcare community.

2. Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Healthcare Technology Management solutions are driven by collaboration and an understanding of customer challenges and situations. The goal is to help organizations improve operational efficiency, enhance quality and reduce service-related cost. GE HealthCare looks at several factors including asset inventory and equipment utilization using your machine data to help uncover a clear view of spending, and provide insights for optimal medical equipment service coverage. It also helps to understand how your inventory and expenditures compare to other facilities and to leverage best practices that have proven to generate improved efficiency and cost savings. That can mean multi vendor service contracts, or full service offerings.

Using digital, applied intelligence and new medical technologies to evolve how care is delivered can bring massive efficiencies to your organization. But those changes must revolve around the needs of the people they serve.

Our approach to transformation is designed to bring your success full circle. From start to finish, you are at the heart of our efforts to develop solutions that make the world healthier. At each stage, we plan and evolve initiatives from four surrounding areas of expertise. This open loop of communication propels consistent progress.

Let’s build an exceptional experience for your patients and care teams.

Our Value Partnerships Team welcomes the opportunity to learn about your organization. Our commitment to Working as One delivers quicker access to service, more empowered teams, and enhanced patient outcomes. Tell us what you want to achieve.

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