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What we do

As a leading global medical technology and life sciences company, we provide a broad portfolio of products, solutions and services used in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients and in the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals.

We help improve outcomes for healthcare providers and for therapy innovators around the world. This means increased capacity, improved productivity and better patient outcomes.

We also aim to support our customers in the pursuit of precision health: health care that is integrated, highly personalized to each patient’s needs and that reduces waste and inefficiency.

We embrace a culture of respect, transparency, integrity and diversity.

Our Businesses

  • Healthcare Systems

    We provide medical technologies, digital infrastructure, data analytics and decision support tools that help healthcare professionals diagnose, treat and monitor their patients.

    We also provide services, accessories, consumables, education, training and consulting.

  • Life Sciences

    We help therapy innovators, researchers and healthcare providers accelerate how precision diagnostics and therapies are invented, made and used. Our products enable biological analysis, research, development and the manufacture of advanced therapies and vaccines. We also produce pharmaceutical diagnostics used in medical imaging.

Key Facts

$19B in revenue in 2018
160+ countries in the world
$1B+ invested in R&D annually
3 patients imaged every second using our imaging agents
4M imaging, mobile diagnostic and monitoring units worldwide
2B+ scans generated per year


We have a century long track record of delivering high impact healthcare innovation

1st Handheld pocket-sized color ultrasound
1st Modular biomanufacturing facility
1st Mammography device that puts women in control
1st Commercial CT scanner


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  • Community engagment

    At GE Healthcare, we are focused on developing solutions to help improve the care of people around the globe. We contribute towards solving problems and changing community condition through strategic philanthropy and community engagement where our employees live and work.

Careers at GE Healthcare

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