CardioLab EP Recording System

CardioLab* provides efficient information integration to help drive clinical throughput in high-speed, high-volume labs.

Essential functionality. Exceptional performance.

The CardioLab Electrophysiology recording system is designed to help you optimize your workflow, productivity and throughput. CardioLab offers innovative capabilities and functionality to deliver a system that is easy to use and customized to your workflow, while maintaining a strong focus on comprehensive IT data integration, interoperability between systems, excellent signal quality and solutions and the evolving requirements of cybersecurity.

From the moment your patients are admitted, through diagnosis, treatment, and billing, CardioLab is an intuitive system with the features and automation capabilities to support your efficiency and to help you provide excellent quality of care.

  • 82% of hospital tech experts reported a "significant security incident" in 20181
  • $3.86M – Average cost of data breach in 20182

  • $408 – High healthcare breach resolution cost per record in 20183

  • Benefits

    With the legacy of Prucka inside, CardioLab helps you bridge the gap between your EP Lab’s clinical and IT needs.  CardioLab delivers workspace integration that provides efficient point-of-care data collection and focuses on team-based patient care with options for multiple workflows:

    Multispace:  Provides the clinician interoperability through workspace integration, allowing multiple systems and solutions to integrate with the CardioLab system.  

    Multipath:  Easily inputs documentation at any point during your patients’ care pathway.  The system will automatically  consolidate related data into a single procedure report, pre-op through post-op.

    Mutliuser:  Provides multiple users the ability to document what is important to patients, from the point-of-view of their individual care, across the entire recording continuum.  

    These practices save time, reduces potential errors, and provides smarter healthcare for your patients.   


With the legacy of Prucka inside, CardioLab technology features include:

  • Excellent signal quality with advanced EP applications is designed to enhance EP procedures. CardioLab is configurable to help streamline workflow, with signal data analysis tools to  help you evaluate administrative and clinical operations.
  • True bi-polar recordings with up to 224 inputs and 128 channels.
  • Powerful, advanced signal analysis algorithms help support your thought processes, streamline procedures, and enhance analysis and case documentation.
  • Obtain exceptional signal quality. High-performance CLab II PlusTM amplifier delivers the quality signals needed for exceptional intracardiac and ECG recordings. 
  • Streamline procedures. Powerful advanced signal analysis tools including review scrolling, multi-leg calipers, advanced pace detection, simultaneous analysis of multiple activation times, and real-time mapping and trigger tools to help streamline procedures, and enhance analysis and case documentation.       
  • Electronic signature helps to save time for document compliance

Comprehensive data collection at the point of care

  • User defined macros that allow clinicians to define the case flow to their specified workflow – streamlining data collection and providing a comprehensive procedure report.
  • Integrate and interface with GE and third-party systems. Operate critical CardioLab functions in the procedure room via the GE IGS X-ray system tableside control unit. ADT data received from CCW or third party brokers becomes part of the case. CardioLab sends demographic data to and receives procedure information from GE’s IGS X-ray system. Optionally, CardioLab can also interface with third party X-ray systems. Interfaces are available for most ablation generators logging energy, impedance, time and temperature. 
  • Collect registry-specific data elements at the point of care. Registry form sets to support the ACC-NCDR registry data.  Collect data the way you want with custom forms data allows up to 5,000 user-defined fields to be configured for data entry.
  • Gather registry data at the point of care, helping to minimize post-procedure chart pulls.
  • Collect data the way you want with custom forms data allows up to 5,000 user-defined fields to be configured for data entry.
  • Export comprehensive data to GE and third-party registry and data management systems.

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