MR Surgical Suite

MR Surgical Suite

GE offers an effective solution for enabling pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative MRI imaging for a patient undergoing neurosurgery.

Leading institutions have recognized the value of intra-operative imaging to help clinicians confidently and more completely resect tumors that previously may have been deemed inoperable. GE's MR Surgical Suite provides the iMRI capabilities to addresses your most challenging cases while offering advanced diagnostic and interventional solutions to help maximize your investment.


Our MR Surgical Suite provides you with these benefits:

Increases surgical vision by:

  • Helping to localize/target tumor
  • Establishing tumor margins
  • Accounting for shifts in brain

Enhanced productivity

  • Multipurpose OR / MR
  • Surgical, DI, Interventional use

Enhanced capability

  • Standard OR procedures
  • Optimized surgical positioning
  • Full featured diagnostic imaging

Design simplicity

  • Easy installation- standard OR/MR
  • Upgradeable technology


The MR Surgical Suite offers you these features:

  • 70cm 1.5T or  3.0T MRI systems
  • GEM Suite diagnostic capability
  • Detachable MR tables:
    • MR-OR Express Patient table
    • GEM Express Patient table
  • MAQUET surgical tables
  • Mayfield MR compatible skull clamp
  • Multichannel, phased array flex coils for iMRI imaging
  • Navigation integration
  • GE Healthcare project management and integration experience

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