An essential resource in delivering quality women’s healthcare is ultrasound. From exceptional image quality to the ease of use and streamlined ergonomics that helps drive efficient workflow, the Voluson™ Performance Series is a cost effective way to join the Voluson family and bring the benefits of high performance ultrasound to your patients.

Delivering confident, efficient care across a range of applications including obstetrics and gynecology to labor & delivery, the Voluson Performance Series is well suited for practice growth and demanding patients, operating affordably and reliably for years to come.


Advancing technology for effortless scanning

Simply place the probe to get the information you need, without time-consuming modifications. Built on Voluson Core Architecture, the Voluson Performance Series delivers excellent clinical images across all types of patients, quickly and easily.


    • Excellent clarity and detail in 2D images.
    • Expand clinical confidence with 3D/4D technology.
    • Superb sensitivity into anatomy and function with Advanced Color Doppler.
    • Consistent imaging even in difficult-to-image patients with exceptional penetration.
  • Obtain views not possible with 2D scanning with 3D imaging – offering another anatomical perspective for greater diagnostic certainty.

  • Display more anatomical information in a single image with wide-sector abdominal and endocavitary probes.

  • Optimize your skills by accessing educational videos directly on the Voluson ultrasound system.

  • Explore 3D Printing for rapid clinical prototyping, and parent bonding.

Eliminate barriers while enhancing relations

  • Decrease complexity and increase exam consistency with Voluson’s Sono-automation technologies

    • Easily acquire surface rendered images with SonoRenderlive – Automates render line placement in 3D/4D imaging.
    • Reduce keystrokes with SonoBiometry – semi-automated biometry measurements (BPD, HC, AC, FL and HL).
  • Discover a sleek, lightweight system that fits into small spaces, enabling effortless scanning and reporting – A battery pack offers 20 minutes of scan time and ~15 second wake time from sleep mode.

  • Protect sensitive data with Voluson ultrasound systems advanced security features including Whitelisting and HD encryption.


  • Text or email images to patients or colleagues directly from the console, for an instant connection with TricefyTM inside.


Expand your expertise and practice

Join VolusonClub – the only ultrasound community dedicated to the education and collaboration of women’s health providers.

  • Count on responsive service and support from dedicated staff and programs that truly meet your training, equipment maintenance, transducer protection, and flexible financing.

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