GE HealthCare email domains are transitioning to

We are in the process of changing our GE HealthCare email addresses from the current domain to This transition follows our spin-off as an independent company in January 2023.

We would like to ensure that any communication coming from GE HealthCare Customer Support, Service, Sales, Medical Affairs, and other teams will continue to successfully reach your organization.

To avoid potential interruption, we recommend taking the following actions as soon as possible:

  • Ask your IT teams to whitelist our new domain: this will help prevent our emails from being marked as spam and ensure they reach your inbox as intended.

  • Confirm with your IT teams that any automated systems your organization might use to order or receive services from us recognizes our new domain address.

  • Check spam folders: while we are working to minimize any disruption, it is possible that some emails could inadvertently end up in spam or junk folders. If so, please recategorize them as safe/not spam.

  • Update your saved contacts for any GE HealthCare contacts to reflect our new email addresses.
We appreciate your continued partnership and cooperation as we make this transition. We look forward to continuing to serve you and your patients.