Education Offering

  • Training when you need it, across all shifts at your facility
    Real-time expert guidance and support
    Need-based focused sessions (new hire, new procedure, refresher, new system implementation, improved protocol standardization)
  • Cost effective

    Onsite training eliminates travel expenses for your staff to attend training offsite.
  • Device can be easily moved from department to department where training is needed
  • Flexible

    Training can be scheduled whenever it is needed, and across all shifts.

  • Flexible

    The mobility of the Virtual Onsite trainer allows you to easily transport the unit from department to department, so training can be scheduled wherever it is needed.

  • Innovative Education Delivery
  • Mobile telepresence device that enables healthcare providers on-demand access to training experts
  • Targeted 

    Training can be focused to your specific needs:

    New hire training
    Refresher training
    New procedure training

Education Offering

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Education is essential to optimizing staff performance. It improves the standard of care, builds new competencies and instills clinical confidence.

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Leveraging Mobile Telepresence as an Education Solution.

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