The Asset Performance Management ecosystem

  • Connect

    Gain instant access to knowledge, parts, and equipment status through an integrated view. Help improve clinical engineering productivity and make clinical devices less susceptible to security breach.
  • Predict

    Convert unplanned downtime to planned service events by monitoring and analyzing machine data in real time to help mitigate operational and financial disruptions, deliver peace of mind, and focus on patient care.
  • Locate

    Manage your critical mobile assets in real time with accuracy and ease so you can spend less time searching for equipment and concentrate on providing quality patient care.
  • Expert

    Discover financial, operational, and clinical insights that provide a solid foundation for short-and long-term strategic planning to help improve asset reliability, practice management effectiveness, and utilization.
digital equipment solutions

Helping your equipment perform optimally for you

The full suite of digital equipment solutions includes products and software to give you the insights and tools to make informed equipment decisions. When you take control of your equipment, you gain power over your future.

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Improve outcomes through Asset Performance Management

  • Decrease total cost of ownership and improve capital allocation
  • Improve capital and asset efficiency
  • Increase labor
  • Increase revenue generation