Edison is GE Healthcare’s intelligence platform designed to help you achieve greater efficiency, improve patient outcomes and increase access to care. Embedded within existing workflows, Edison applications can integrate and assimilate data from disparate sources, and apply analytics or advanced algorithms to generate clinical, operational and financial insights. Edison solutions can be securely deployed via Cloud, Edge, or directly onto smart devices.
  • Using data to inform decision making

    Vast amounts of data accompany every patient’s journey. Edison converts this ocean of information into actionable insights using analytics, machine learning, deep learning and AI. These insights help you increase productivity, prioritize workflows, reduce rework and deliver the most personalized patient care possible.

Infrastructure to build and deploy at scale

Drawing on GE Healthcare’s deep domain expertise, the Edison platform offers an extensive catalog of healthcare-specific services that enable rapid and compliant design, development and deployment of secure applications and algorithms.
Edison Applications

Deployed via Cloud, Edge or Smart Device

Identify and help prioritize critical cases at point-of-care

Critical Care Suite* on Optima™ XR240amx uses embedded AI to identify pneumothorax and provide on-screen notification, enable case prioritization, and send results directly to the PACS.

*510(k) pending at US FDA. Not available for sale in the United States.
Reduce variance and improve workflow efficiency

SonoCNS Fetal Brain on Voluson™ assists the user to properly align, display and measure the ISUOG recommended views of the fetal brain.

Increase productivity and improve user experience

LOGIQ E10 applications include: Doppler Assistant, which detects vessels to automatically place color ROI and the Doppler gate; Automated Lesion Segmentation, which segments user-identified breast, thyroid, or liver lesions; and OB Measure Assistant, which automatically segments and annotates appropriate structure with measurements.

Reduce rescans and workflow inefficiencies

MR AIRx™ allows precise slice placement to provide fast, consistent scans regardless of patient position, time between scans, or technologist.

*510(k) pending at US FDA. Not available for sale in the United States.
Access the latest technology updates

Smart Subscription provides access to all the latest software for CT devices, all the time, for one fee per device per year.
Available On: Revolution Apex, Revolution Frontier Gen, Revolution EVO Gen 2, Revolution HD, Discovery CT 750 HD, Optima CT 660.

Drive operational efficiency and financial performance

Centricity™ Clinical Archive Analytics derives intelligence from data stored in the VNA to provide insight into enterprise-wide IT investments, resources, and clinical processes.

Reduce variance and improve efficiency

Mural is a virtual care platform, designed to prioritize a clinician’s attention to the most critical patient cases with the goal of reducing care variation and the time to intervention.

Improve image quality and consistency

Deep Learning Image Reconstruction* generates TrueFidelity™ images with deep detail, true texture and high fidelity for every CT scan.

*510(k) pending at US FDA. Not available for sale in the United States.
Optimize workflow and increase performance

Imaging Insights provides a full fleet (multi-vendor, multi-modality) practice summary of asset utilization, protocol and dose, quality assurance, patient experience and referral metrics.

Improve image quality and decrease manual work

AFI 2.0 on Vivid™ leverages AI-enabled View Recognition to automatically select optimal views and easily, accurately assess LV wall motion.

Simplify workflow and improve efficiency

Auto EF 2.0 on Vivid™ uses View Recognition to simplify ejection faction assessment by automatically selecting the most appropriate images to speed quantification and workflow.

Decrease variance and improve imaging consistency

Imaging Protocol Manager is a cloud-based, multimodality solution that provides access, insight and governance to standardize imaging device protocols across the enterprise.

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