CT Suite of Solutions from GE

Revolution™ Ascend, Revolution Apex™, True Fidelity™ Images, and Smart Subscription™

Faster workflow. Clearer images.

The number one challenge faced by CT departments worldwide is finding a way to efficiently manage increased CT procedure volume. Even though the CT scan itself is the fastest in diagnostic imaging, the sequence from referral to report needs to be faster to meet the challenge. To accomplish exactly that, we have redefined the entire CT experience with Revolution™ Ascend, a 75 cm wide-bore CT system that makes the CT process faster, more intuitive and more approachable, while also providing the image quality you expect.

Revolution Ascend uses an AI-based workflow solution, a smart user interface, cutting-edge technology and access to Smart Subscription™ to substantially simplify, streamline and automate the entire CT experience from both inside and outside the scan room.

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effortless workflow

Revolutionizing CT from referral to report

We are always seeking out new ways to boost operational efficiency with the goal of making your imaging workflow feel like second nature, possibly even invisible. When it comes to CT, we studied the entire workflow and created solutions to simplify and streamline each step of the process.

These solutions are the core of our Effortless Workflow model, a sophisticated collection of technologies that automate and simplify time-consuming tasks from pre-scan to post-scan. Effortless Workflow takes the CT experience to a new level of speed and precision.

GEHC Revolution Ascend Clinical Performance Image 1
  • Routine

  • Cardiac

  • Large patient

  • ER

  • Interventional


Elevate with Revolution Apex™

A limitless CT platform for now and the future.

Revolution Apex™ is a new ultra-premium CT system designed and engineered to provide you with a new way to achieve your best image for every patient. By combining a powerful new imaging chain with TrueFidelity™ Images created using Deep Learning Image Reconstruction, it’s built on a platform that provides you with uncompromised access to all that CT has to offer.

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TrueFidelity™ Images

A futuristic take on classic image reconstruction

Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Deep Learning. Radiology is undergoing a transformation. Deep learning image reconstruction (DLIR) promises unparalleled benefits for patients, along with the radiologists and technologists dedicated to their care. And after nearly half a century at the forefront of computed tomography, GE Healthcare is uniquely positioned to ensure this latest advance keeps its promise.

GE Healthcare pioneered and consistently pushed the science of image reconstruction further. TrueFidelity CT Images are more than a radical, next generation improvement. They elevate the vision of what you and Deep Learning Image Reconstruction can achieve - together.


Smart Subscription

A CT that keeps getting better.

Everyone wants to own the latest and greatest technology. Nowhere is this more true than in healthcare. Smart Subscription helps you avoid obsolescence by providing the latest upgrades and updates to your CT capabilities and applications as soon as they’re available. It updates every CT in your fleet so that every system has the same capabilities; you can expect it to be as good as new for as long as you have it.