Simplicity Delivered


  • My Page

    Personalized digital user interface enables customization of workflow preferences with user presets. Simply log in, select the appropriate exam type, and begin scanning.

  • Photo Assistant

    A picture is worth a 1000 words

    • Photograph relevant anatomy and include photos with the clinical images
    • Provides value context for documentation and comparison after a procedure
    • Utilizes Android™ tablet or phone


  • Ergonomic and Adaptable

    Adjust system to fit most user needs and exams

    • Touch control for easy parameter adjustment
    • Multiple USB ports
    • Adjustable monitor
    • Front and rear handles
    • Four active probe ports
    • Gel warmer
    • Storage shelf
    • Easy to transport
  • Remote Control

    Remotely operate the ultrasound system from tablet or phone that that has LOGIQ Smart App loaded and includes:

    – Major modes

    – Freeze/print

    – Depth

    – Gain

    – ROI placement

    – Dual Image

  • Power Assistant

    Scan for up to one hour on battery alone with the new extended battery option.


    • 2D Shear Wave Elastography

      Quantitative estimate of tissue elasticity displayed in color-coded elastograms.

      • Assists in a growing range of applications, including chronic liver disease, breast
      • Semi-automatic measurements provide quick, quantifiable information
      • Raw Data Processing

        Original Acoustic Data are stored before scan converting in a GE Healthcare “raw” format to be easily accessed and re-processed any time after the exam completion.

      • Contrast Imaging

        Amplitude Modulation Technique

        • Great penetration and contrast sensitivity
        • Excellent tissue suppression
        • High image uniformity

        Hi-Res Technique

        • Superb spatial and temporal resolution
      • B-Flow™ / B-Flow Color

        • Does not use Doppler processing
        • Direct visualization of blood reflectors
        • Dynamic appearance of flow
        • Minimal tissue overwrite compared to Color Flow
        • Excellent control of flash artifacts compared to Color Flow


      • HD Color

        Functionality within B-Flow™ Color – offers sensitivity in visualizing small vessels and slow flow to enhance diagnostic confidence.

        • Venous, liver, and renal imaging
        • Musculoskeletal imaging
        • Pediatric imaging
        • Small parts imaging



      • My Trainer

        Onboard training modules to help accelerate user confidence and efficient system operations.

      • Volume Navigation Import

        Merge real-time ultrasound with retrieved CT or MRI volume dataset

        • Potential time saver
        • Simplified workflow
        • Complementarity of information
        • Helps improve diagnostic confidence


      Support and accessories for your GE Healthcare ultrasound systems

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