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Probe Features


Imaging modes

B Mode
Color flow

Linear transducer for shallow screening

Frequency 3 - 12 MHz
Maximum depth - 8cm

Curved transducer for deep scanning

Frequency 2 - 5 MHz
Maximum depth - 24cm

Customizable probe button

Freeze or store

Battery life

Scan time - up to 50 minutes
Recharge time - 75 minutes (from 10% to 90%)
Use any Qi compliant wireless charger


Tested to military drop standards (MIL-810G)1
IP67 rated waterproof1
Compatible with high-level disinfection techniques
Withstands temperature extremes
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205 +/- 3 grams

Width Convex:

64mm x 16 mm (lens)

Width Linear:

40 mm x 7 mm (lens)


App features


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Supported Mobile Platforms

  • Connects to your own mobile device.
  • Optimized to work with a range of Android and Apple iOS smart phones and tablets.
  • Supports portrait and landscape orientations to optimize image size and ergonomics for different use scenarios.

Intuitive User Interface*

  • Minimized number of keys and intuitive thumb-controllable touchscreen user interface
  • Single key/gesture to control freeze/unfreeze, store, color on/off, gain and depth control
  • Customizable probe button (Freeze/Store)
  • Easily accessible presets – available without scrolling
  • User-selectable default preset

*Designed with award-winning Edison™ Design System, which is user validated to be intuitive and consistent for healthcare software.

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  1. Vscan Air probe withstand drops: tested to Military drop standards (MIL-810G). IP67 waterproof, compatible with high level disinfection techniques