Vivid Ultrasound Services

Maximize the Vivid lifecycle experience while minimizing your total cost of ownership with our service portfolio. Purchasing a GE Healthcare ultrasound is not only getting access to a high-technology or remarkable clinical applications. It's about enjoying a new user experience, at every step of ownership. We help you to outperform today, while preparing your department for tomorrow's challenges.

Education & training

Our comprehensive portfolio provides training for clinical and technical users to help you and your team build customized development plans.

• Educational programs including online support, classroom and on-site trainings
• Connect with other Vivid ultrasound users in our Vivid Club community
• Hands-on, personalized learning with Digital Expert

Maintenance & repair

With scalable options from full coverage to shared maintenance, we can help you find the right balance between staff autonomy and our expertise.

• Proactive maintenance with OnWatch
• Remote services & real-time support with Insite
• Replacement parts and maintenance kits from our eCommerce platform
• Comprehensive data from iCenter and UpdateMe
• Global network of repair centers & loaners

Performance optimization

Customizable dashboards provide actionable insights for asset utilization allowing you to achieve more.

• Proactive, secure software updates 24/7 with eDelivery
• Cloud-based, intuitive dashboards with Ultrasound Excellence
• Comprehensive data and analytics with iCenter
• Combine analytics and coaching to optimize performance with Imaging Insights

Probe care

Proactive probe care can help you increase diagnostic quality, decrease cross-contamination risk, and expand the transducer life span.

• Probe Check provides automated assessment of image impact
• Probe Care provides easy access to education and probe evaluation
• Our global repair centers provide probe repair and exchange when you need it

Updates & upgrades

Keep your device state-of-the-art with software upgrades, new applications, and security patches.

• Options & upgrades ensure devices are up-to-date without changing equipment
• Sonodefense provides advanced cybersecurity and data privacy protection
• Continuity™ Support Plus provides on-site software updates & patches

"The implementation of Imaging Insights/Ultrasound Excellence in my biomedical unit for the cardiology and gynecology departments ultrasound equipment has opened the door to better utilization of my systems and distribution of activity, all of which has allowed me to improve our operational efficiencies, cost investments, and service to patients."

Mrs. Valérie Boissart

Head of Biomedical Engineering Department | Luxembourg Hospital Center

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