Staying state-of-the-art no matter the budget

As market conditions are oftentimes unpredictable, cash flow and liquidity are equally important to all healthcare organizations. In this environment, budget constraints become large obstacles to funding new equipment due to end-of-service-life situations or servicing old, poor-performing machines.
AssurePoint Refresh in use video
  • Clinical outcomes
    Up to a 30% increase in procedures with new capabilities and productivity improvements2
  • Operational outcomes
    Increased equipment productivity
  • Financial outcomes
    Up to a 50% savings in MR construction costs

    Up to a 20% reduction in reimbursements for older analog X-ray equipment2

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1 Out of Control, Little-used Clinical Assets Draining Healthcare Budgets Whitepaper 2012.
2 Internal GE HealthCare data, 2018