Mettre en lumière les menaces

Les violations de données peuvent avoir un impact profond sur la productivité, les finances, la qualité des soins et la réputation d'une organisation. Laissez les chiffres parler d'eux-mêmes :

En matière de cybersécurité, les soins de santé sont différents

Contrairement à d'autres secteurs, les soins de santé reposent à la fois sur des technologies de l'information (TI) et des technologies opérationnelles (TO) qui peuvent présenter des faiblesses en matière de sécurité :

Protection dans toutes les directions

  • Clinical security assessment

    Clinical security assessment is designed to evaluate the maturity of existing device security programs, as well as help identify system risks and vulnerabilities, and provide analysis and recommendations on policies and procedures.
  • Device discovery

    Device discovery provides real-time visibility and helps prevent cybersecurity blind spots by automating device inventory and real-time security management using AI, and helps identify devices on the network and their corresponding security profiles.
  • Remediation execution*

    Our security operations center staff and on-site field engineers deliver process and technology integration across functions that gives you better visibility into what’s going on: from corrective maintenance work activities to remediation progress and time to completion.
    *Applies only to medical devices under GE Healthcare service contract
  • Remediation recommendations

    Our remediation recommendations not only investigate vulnerabilities, they also provide recommendations for compensating controls to help protect assets without having to decommission them, and creates and recommends policies for diverse groups of medical devices based on identities and use.
  • Security event support

    Offering support for security events and incidents, our SOC staff and field engineers provide business continuity support for your information technology and information security teams by providing information on malware analytics, observed behavior and/or threat indicators, and remediation actions.
  • Security operations center

    At GE Healthcare, our security operations center (SOC) is made up of teams of cybersecurity and medical device experts that help detect, analyze, and respond to cybersecurity threats and events in real-time. We help to provide automated, end-to-end security protection, and incorporate AI tools for greater insights and rapid response times.
  • Vulnerability management

    Our sophisticated vulnerability management helps detect and analyze vulnerabilities and supports passive network analysis rather than traditional (more intrusive) IT methods, and translate remediation recommendations into actionable service requests.*
    *Applies only to medical devices under GE Healthcare service contract