Cardiology Conditions

Our vision for Precision Health in cardiology care includes using precision diagnostics, precision therapeutics and precision monitoring to help improve outcomes for every patient and every condition. Our solutions work in concert and support you as you care for multiple cardiology conditions:

The Patient Journey

Precision Health in care pathways enable the right outcome, for the right patient, delivered at precisely the right point of care, using solutions that help improve outcomes, efficiency and cost. Our comprehensive portfolio supports you across the entire patient journey:


Cardiology Solutions with Innovative Technologies²


Clinical Outcomes

Our goal is to help you increase efficiencies, by providing patients with the most advanced technology, and by reducing exposure to radiation and lowered dosage administered.

  • Our solutions work in concert for faster reporting and decision-making, such as with CT Fusion (CT and echo) and View-X (echo and X-ray).
  • Learn more about how software is making cardiology structured reporting a source of empowerment and collaboration for providers, by helping to eliminate errors from manual documentation (Ascension Wisconsin, Licking Memorial).
  • Find out how Vivid E95 with cSound™, the new software beamforming platform in cardiovascular ultrasound, identified more segments with better image quality when compared to the standard high-end platform.
  • Artificial Intelligence:
    Solving Effectiveness and Efficiencies

    Edison™ Applications
    Integrated, A.I. powered technologies help you make sound diagnostic decisions, operate at peak efficiency and deliver positive patient outcomes.

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